‘Not as excellent as it seems’: lady exposes sister over deceptive Instagram post

When young university student Casey Sosnowski recently uploaded a brand new Instagram post of herself wearing active gear in a forest, naturally the likes began to arrive.

And whereas her followers might have believed the tall blonde was taking photos while on a walk through the bush, her sister, Carly, was fast to set the record straight.

Little to Casey’s information, Carly was keeping a close eye on her sister’s activities, taking her own photos of her relative from afar before uploading them to Twitter alongside Casey’s post.

“My sister said she was going hiking… this is our yard,” Carly wrote.

Casey had posted the photograph of herself on Instagram in pink leggings and a white crop top carrying a bottle, with the caption: “Nature is the ultimate doctor to all our issues.”

According to Carly’s screenshot of the Instagram post, her sister had additionally geotagged Lake Okahumpka Park and trail.
It seems Casey wasn’t on a journey through bushland, however was at her home in Florida.

It wasn’t long before Carly’s post went viral, with over 270,000 likes.
Many recommended the tweet uncovered the dark truth behind fashionable Instagram accounts which portray the “perfect” way of life.

“I was positively shocked with what quantity attention it got,” Casey told Yahoo News Australia.

“I would’ve never expected that.”
In her version of events, she and her younger sister went into their garden to pose for photos as she hadn’t posted to Instagram in a very while.
When looking over the photographs along with her family she told them they made her seem as if she was going on a hike.

And whereas Casey’s caption didn’t directly say she was on a hike, certain components of the images – such as carrying a bottle – definitely alluded to that.

“This is why I don’t believe nothing (sic) folks say on social media,” one person wrote on Carly’s Twitter post outing her sister.
“These sorts of people are ending the world. One post at a time,” another remarked.

And whereas some comments directed at Casey were negative, she said she found the bulk of them to be “so funny”.

“Posting on social media alone causes you to be susceptible to negativity from others so you’ve just got to settle for that risk and have a good time with it,” she told Yahoo News Australia.

Casey said she held no grudge over her sister’s tweet and it had become a poignant reminder to young ladies idolizing Instagram influencers that their lives might not necessarily be as exciting as they portrayed.
“It simply goes to point out that not everyone’s life is as excellent as it looks on Instagram,” she warned.

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