Alex Rodriguez reveals he uses a burner Instagram account to follow his daughters on social media

The former baseball star said that he has a contract along with his daughters Natasha and Ella, permitting them to approve of posts before he shares them.

Alex Rodriguez has a contract along with his daughters regarding what he’s allowed to post to social media — however very little do they apprehend that he has his own manner of checking out what they’re posting too.

The former Yankees star, 44, disclosed on an episode of Barstool Sports’ Chicks within the office podcast that he uses a “burner” Instagram account to check what his daughters are up to on social media.

“My daughters don’t let me follow them on social media. It’s awful,” he told co-hosts Ria Ciuffo and Francesca Mariano.

But Rodriguez disclosed he has his ways in which of keeping tabs on Natasha Alexander, 14, and 11-year-old Ella Alexander‘s Instagram posts — once Ciuffo and Mariano asked if he had a “dad burner account,” he said “absolutely.”

But simply because Natasha and Ella don’t wish their papa following them, it doesn’t mean that they don’t weigh in on their renowned father’s content.

“Oh my gosh, they’re just like the COO and the CEO of my social media craziness, no matter I do,” Rodriguez said. “They’re so smart. each time I post something, sometimes like, 5 out of 10, both of them would DM and say, ‘Dad, are you serious? Dad, you know I’m going into high school this year. Dad, this is how bullying starts.’”

“I have contracts with both of them that if I post one thing — currently, you know, they’re about to be teenagers, they need to approve everything — and I’m like, ‘Okay, I got it, I’m sorry,” he added.

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