Facebook rolls out new privacy model for groups with solely two settings

Facebook is introducing a simplified privacy model for groups, reducing the amount of settings to merely 2.

Going forward, Facebook groups can either be set to “private” or “public.”

The company says this modification is being created for the sake of clarity:
“We’re making this modification because we’ve heard from people that they require more clarity concerning the privacy settings for their groups. Having 2 privacy settings — public and private — will facilitate make it clearer concerning who will find the group and see the members and posts that are a part of it.”

When a group is set to “public” anyone can view the members of the group and see all revealed content. Once a group is set to “private” solely group members will see who is within the group and what they’re posting.
In addition to these privacy settings, group admins will have management over how their group is found. Admins can specify whether or not the group will be found in search and other places on Facebook.

Admins of existing groups need to bear in mind of these changes:
A group that was formerly “secret” will currently be “private” and “hidden.” a group that was formerly “closed” will now be “private” and “visible.” groups that are “public” will stay “public” and “visible.”
The new controls will be found within the group’s settings. Facebook’s previous restrictions on changing group settings still apply.

Groups are restricted to one privacy setting modification every 28 days; however admins can change the setting back within 24 hours if they want to.

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